Monday 8/1 – Philadelphia

My flight from Denver left on time at 1:00am, arriving in Philadelphia 6:30am.  I slept the whole way as usual, then ran to catch my connecting flight at 7:30am.  When it came time to board, the lady announced that the flight had been cancelled and for everyone to go to customer service to reschedule.  Everyone was all upset.  When they finally got to me, they gave me a flight departing at 6:00pm so I had 10 hours to kill.  I didn’t feel like sitting in the airport for the whole day.  I saw a sign that said “Train to Downtown Philly.”  Of course I have no car.  So I thought what the hell, I’ll spend the day walking around Philly.  I walked out of the airport and up to the platform, but then I got scared.  I thought what if it lands me in a ghetto and I can’t figure out how to get back?  What if I get on the wrong train?  So I was standing there on the platform scratching my head and thinking about it when a guy came toward me.  I worked up my courage and asked him if he lived there and if I got on the train would I be safe.  He was very nice.  He assured me I would have lots of fun downtown and it was perfectly safe and then said, “I’m going that way, come on I’ll show you.”  I asked if he was sure he didn’t mind me tagging along and he said it was fine.  So he got me a round trip ticket and explained what train I was on and which one to take back to the airport.  He was so cool!  So we got to our stop.  It was like a city underground Philadelphia with shops and musicians playing here and there.  He pointed out the Dunkin Donuts and that we were at Comcast and 17th station.  We went above ground to the skyscrapers.  He pointed out the tall building nearest us was the Comcast building and I could find it anywhere.  He pointed to the streets to note that we were on 17th and JFK Blvd.  He pointed out City Hall and other landmarks and then offered to walk with me and asked what did I want to do.  I needed a charger for my phone because I had packed it with my luggage (along with everything else I didn’t think I needed) to make my backpack as light as possible.  (Good thing after carrying it on my back in 100 degrees all day!)  So he took me to Radio Shack and then to a coffee-house and then showed me Washington Square where there was a guy playing flute and a couple of guys playing guitars.  It’s a beautiful park with nice shade trees and places to sit and across the street was a Barnes and Noble so I knew I would be ok right there!  I knew my way around pretty well at this point.  He said he had a few things to do at home but gave me his phone number and said to call him if I got lost or needed anything!  Then he said to call him around 1:00 and he would come meet me for a beer and get me on the right train back to the airport!  What an angel!!!  I enjoyed his company and he was so very helpful, I don’t know what I would have done without him!  So I walked all around and spent some time in B&N, some time in the park listening to the musicians and found the other park called Love Park.  Around noon I found my way back to the Comcast Building and found the underground train station.  I was so hot and sweaty from walking around in 100 degrees with a backpack on my back I was embarrassed to meet him and knew I was offensive to get on a plane.  I went to McD’s bathroom and washed my face and hair in the sink with hand soap!  lol!  Then I texted him to tell him I had found my way back to the station and did he want to meet there.  He texted back and I told him I was standing by the Dunkin Donuts near the violin player and I asked him if he could spare an old T-shirt as I was offensive.  He met me there and brought me a clean shirt then got on the train with me to the next stop where we went to a really cool bar and got a local brew beer called Yard’s and a burger.  It was really good and refreshing.  And it was a really cool “Mummers” T-shirt he gave me! Then we said our goodbyes.  I gave him a hug and a big kiss!  I couldn’t help myself!  I had just asked the first random guy walking toward the train for help and I was lucky it happened to be him!  I hope to keep in touch with him.  I owe him a great kindness.  I got on the train and got off at the next stop without any problems.  I got to my plane on time and got home to WPB at 10:30 pm.  A perfect end to a perfect vacation! 

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