Friday 7/29 – DeBeque, Wild Horses, Rifle

I got up and went for Starbucks and wi-fi to figure out how to see the wild horses.  I googled and called several places trying to find a jeep tour or a horseback riding tour into the wilderness area with no luck.  I really wanted to see more wild horses and wasn’t of a mind to give up yet.  I started thinking that all I really needed was a guy and a truck.  Finally, I got the bright idea to go back to the little town of DeBeque and ask around.  I went to the one and only gas station/ store and asked the lady in the there if she knew of any guys who would take me out there.  I would be happy to pay them for their time and guidance.  She thought for a minute and then suggested I go ask  the mechanic on the corner.  So I did and he agreed to take me!  I could not have found a better guide professionally!!!  He was such a nice guy and very well prepared.  He didn’t expect any emergencies but made sure we were well prepared just in case.  We brought lots of water, food, sunscreen, bug spray etc.  He made sure we had a full tank of gas.  He had a map of the BLM land and knew it like the back of his hand.  He explained that it was a 4 hour loop and that he couldn’t guarantee we would see horses but he knew where he had seen them before.  He knew every trail, every ridge, the name of every mesa and mountain! He was pleasant and intelligent.  I got a complete education on the history of the area and geological education about the Colorado Plateau and basin area.  He told a story about the Meeker massacre and showed me the few remaining big trees that weren’t burned in the episode.  We only saw one wild horse and he was actually on the outside of the herd management area which still concerns me, but he took me to see some of the coolest scenery I would never have seen without him including what he called “The Goblins.”  The Goblins are technically called “hoodoos” and they were the very most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen!  They are a strange-looking rock formation caused from millions of years of erosion.  I was disappointed that I didn’t see more wild horses but we did what we could and it was getting late.  I had a great time anyway!  After getting back to town, my plan was to drive to Glenwood Springs to hike to see Hanging Lake, but on the way I saw signs for Rifle Falls and decided to stop there to see a waterfall.  It was getting late, so I found a place to stay for the night and planned on seeing the falls in the morning.

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  1. Great article and photos!

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