Thursday 7/28 – Telluride, Bridal Veil Falls, Grand Junction

I woke up early in the Telluride campground and got my first look at the area in daylight.  It was beautiful!  The town is set up on as a main street that ends butted up to the mountains and they put the campground right there at the end of the street with Bridal Veil Falls in the background.  It was an awesome little campground.  I had my own picnic table right on the river.  I washed up and went to the office to pay for my stay and then headed to see the falls and the town in daylight.  Telluride is the coolest town!  I walked along the streets, had breakfast of pancakes at a little diner and took some pictures and then headed out.  The road going out of town followed the river and they were people white water rafting in it.  They are several roads that give access to the Uncompahgre National Forest.  I took one of them and stopped to put my feet in the water.  I love the sound of the water flowing and stayed a while to enjoy it and marvel at my surroundings.  As I headed west to get to Grand Junction the scenery slowly changed from lush green mountains to high desert country and big rock cliffs.  It was a long desolate drive on Rt 141 to Grand Junction with very few other cars or signs of life.  I was heading to Grand Junction because there is another BLM wild horse management area near there. 

As I got close to Grand Junction the scenery changed once again.  There were these huge sand dune looking mountains everywhere I looked!  They were the most bizarre thing I had seen yet on my trip!  I didn’t know what they were.  They are mountains with no plants or living things on them and they look like sandhills.  I took lots of pictures of them.  I got into Grand Junction and went to a McDonald’s to get wi-fi and figure out how to find the wild horse area.  I got directions and headed to DeBeque.  By the time I found the entrance to the BLM land it was getting dark and the road wasn’t fit for a car.  Common sense forced me to abandon the idea until next day, much to my chagrin.  I found a place to stay for the night and crashed.

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