Sunday 7/24 – 16th Str Mall, Red Rocks, Garden Of The Gods

I got up around 9:00AM, took a shower and headed for Starbucks.  Starbucks was the one thing I splurged on when I could.  I love me a Macchiato.  I sat outside in the fresh air and used the wi-fi.  After my coffee and croissant I headed to downtown Denver’s 16th Str Mall.  What a cool place!  It’s a big pedestrian area with shops and food etc.  There is a trolley but no cars.  I had to learn not to walk in the trolley tracks.  (almost got run over)  There is an old piano painted all funky every block or so and people just go up and play them or sit on the bench and hang out with their friends.  I heard 3 or 4 people playing them and stopped to listen.  There are a couple of built-in Chess game boards for people to play and hang out too.  Kiosks have all the upcoming shows posted. I walked around that area for a while then I drove west to Red Rocks Amphitheater.  Red Rocks was really cool.  Many legendary musicians have performed there.  It’s literally red rocks forming a natural amphitheater.  It’s beautiful!  They have a  museum there featuring the artists that have played there and some memorabilia.  The band Chicago was setting up to play that night while I was there, but I didn’t feel like sticking around, so I headed onward to Colorado Springs.  The drive south from Denver to Colorado Springs is awe-inspiring!  The Rocky Mountains are right there to the west side.  There is still snow on the tallest peaks.  To my left I saw the strangest looking single mountain with a big rock on the top of it!  I took a picture of it and saw signs for Castle Rock, so when I got home, I looked it up and it is a natural formation created from volcanic activity.  It’s called a butte. Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs sit fairly close together.  Some refer to it as The Springs.  I saw Garden Of The Gods before it got dark and then I drove up to the entrance of Seven Falls but it was too late to get my money’s worth, so I found a place to relax for a while.  I sat outside of a McDonald’s in the kid’s play area, had a milkshake and used the wi-fi for a while.

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